Selection & recruitment

Selection and recruitment of officers and crew pose significant challenges to any crewing agency because of the long drawn out process involved. Here at AB Crewing we engage all our available resources to these tasks so that our clients may be assured their vessels are in competent hands. This recruitment method involves a rigorous process of screening, interviewing, selection, and briefing, in order to find the right fit for every vessel and candidate. During this process, all our personnel are made fully aware of their professional obligations and responsibilities during the engagement.

Our state-of-the-art crewing database maintains comprehensive professional data on personnel so that vessel managers can benefit from re-employing crew familiar with their vessels, operations, policies and procedures. Before including a candidate in our database or updating their records, the seafarer’s qualifications and experience are verified and cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organizations to ensure authenticity. Professional attitude and conduct are thoroughly assessed during personal interviews. We also help experienced seafarers to re-train and return to active duty after long periods of layoff.

Our crewing solutions revolve around the principle that our services should help a client improve their business performance. Whether you need help with your documentation and policies, with employee relations and performance, or are facing a period of business change, we assist you in achieving the desired objectives in a painless and efficient way. We take time and make the effort to understand the cultural, regulatory and environmental context of a client’s business so that we can deliver solutions that are best suited to their operational requirements.