Career development

AB Crewing’s Career Center provides cadets, crew, officers and alumni with job placement support and training to ensure that they have the best opportunities in the market for their maritime career. One of the goals of this Career Center is to help alumni, graduating seniors and others in the maritime industry in their job search. We maintain a large database of available and future vacancies in different shipping companies and inform our applicants on how they can approach the recruiter for a position. We also conduct regular training sessions tailored for the emerging maritime job market so that applicants can earn the necessary qualifications according to industry demand. Our in-house training centre and large network help our crew and alumni to reach their career goals.

We have extensive experience of providing officers and crew for all types of vessels and we assist applicants in obtaining the necessary tests and licenses required for specific assignments. We also assist our crew in preparing and processing all travel documents (including tickets, visa, seaman’s passport etc.) necessary for travel abroad in connection with a work assignment. All our officers and ratings are required to obtain documents confirming to:

  • International IMO recognized certificates
  • Full compliance with all STCW95, ISM Code requirements
  • Valid GMDSS certificates for navigators.

Our experience and expertise in the maritime industry makes it possible to accurately assess the needs of both applicants and employers, and provide solutions tailored for the emerging needs of the market. AB Crewing places premium value on its people and regularly invests in their competency and personal development through its various training programs. Our commitment to maintain seafarers with a high level of competency is embedded within our business policy and processes.