Compensation & contracts

The laws governing wage and labour issues in the maritime industry vary depending on the nature of work, location of the work performed and the kind of vessel. Vessel managers are required to enter into written contracts with each of their seafaring employees. These contracts ideally cover basic employment terms, including nature and length of employment, duties and responsibilities, working conditions, on-board conduct rules, annulment of contract and termination, reporting obligations, medical leave, and rate of compensation.

Qualified seafarers embarking on voyage to foreign shores are required to enter into a written shipping Articles of Agreement with their agency or employer. A seafaring employee’s life and wages are protected under certain laws on most vessels and these legal terms have developed over time to protect the rights of the seafarer. But issues and concerns do arise from time to time regarding seamen compensation, entitlements, overtime and benefits.

AB Crewing provides extensive legal and advisory support to all our crew selectees on their engagement contract and ensures that both employee and ship manager are fully aware of their legal and financial obligations, both at sea and on land, and meet these obligations within the prescribed period. We ensure that our seafarers are among the best paid in the industry and receive compensation worthy of their training, experience, and performance. We also assist crew and ship owners in structuring wage payment, compensation, and tax in an efficient and non-discriminatory manner.

We have earned the trust and respect of seafarers and ship owners because of our diligent handling of compensation and job contract issues and our ready-to-use solutions for compensation disbursement. Our legal department provides a wide range of contract related services and consultancy to ensure that all parties involved in the engagement agreement are fully covered on their obligations.