Corporate social responsability

All businesses have a responsibility to contribute to the community in which they operate. In our industry, these translate directly into our response on the day-to-day challenges we face, such as the impact on marine ecology, crew health and work environment, corruption and business ethics, reduction of pollution, interaction with local communities and voluntary organizations, seafarer’s rights, etc. Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves taking a proactive and uncompromising approach to all these issues.

AB Crewing has long been involved in educational and regulatory activities within the local maritime community, both as a crewing agency as well as at the individual level. We recognize our responsibilities to the community are not exclusively confined to financial considerations and make sure that our CSR initiatives are aligned with the objectives of our partners and collaborators. A growing number of the leading shipping companies in the world are taking serious steps to ensure that their businesses act responsibly and in a manner that makes them ideal corporate citizens.

Our CSR programs involve cultivating extensive personal relations with the local seafaring community, including crew, their families, port authorities and the maritime educational community. We also contribute to certain educational and social welfare activities in the local community that helps finance primary and vocation education for a large number of children and young adults. We, along with our partners and associates, play a critical role in the in the maritime chain of responsibility because we believe that companies who place the welfare of their seafaring staff at the core of their corporate policy will be those that retain and attract an increasingly valuable human commodity.