Leadership development

Life at sea poses a unique set of challenges for crew members no matter how much their sailing experience. Living in closed quarters for months on end, dealing with the dangers and uncertainties of a vessel plying the oceans, being isolated from the rest of the world, performing at peak levels to complete the mission and the rigorous discipline needed to keep a ship afloat and running round the clock puts significant pressure on group dynamics and individual psyche. A successful shipping operation requires exceptional leadership skills, besides knowledge and experience, from all members of its on-board crew. We at AB Crewing recognize that leadership must not only flow top down but also from bottom up and laterally.

We conduct leadership programs for our clients and crew depending on the nature of the mission involved. In certain high-risk vessels and operations, leadership development is often integrated in the normal training routine. In other cases, we conduct leadership orientation and development according to the specific requirements of the ship owner or management company.  Our leadership development courses are aimed at increasing the capacity of officers and crew to prevail over operational hazards while surmounting personal and organizational challenges for higher efficiency. We consistently help our crew to understand their professional responsibilities and achieve superior performance and results that fosters growth and change within the parameters of sailing pressures and challenges.

Our leadership development program is all about helping our officers and crew change the way they think of leadership. It is not about position but about attitude. In today’s rapidly changing maritime industry, we need leadership to be able to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities that exist to make a difference. At AB Crewing, we believe we can inspire regular seafarers so that they can provide exceptional leadership under exceptional circumstances.