Ship management

An independent ship management company committed to providing totally client-driven service, AB Crewing offers sophisticated vessel management solutions with an emphasis on safety, lower pollution and better onboard maintenance at cost-effective prices. Our dedicated and highly skilled professionals have many years of hands-on managing experience with different types of ships, including cargo vessels and tankers. Our technical superintendents can ensure smooth onboard operations through regular vessel inspection and close monitoring of operations can ensure that expenses are within budget at all times. We have the capability and the systems to monitor operation data towards optimizing a vessel’s speed and consumption performance. Our long solid relationships with suppliers, shipyards, workshops and marine service providers ensure that our principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service at competitive prices.

Our qualified operations teams can help considerably reduce the commercial risks faced by our principals during the course of employment of their vessels. We ensure careful screening and selection of qualified seafarers and undertake continuous crew evaluation so that our personnel are in peak form and operational capability. We are determined to operate all our vessels under strict safety standards confirming to the following set of guidelines:

  • International regulations
  • Flag state and class requirements
  • Charterer objectives
  • International Safety Management Code