Future projects

The shipping industry has undergone tumultuous change in the recent past owing to unprecedented rise in fuel prices, the onset of a global economic meltdown and the resultant shrink in international trade. We understand how the needs of shipping companies change during such challenging times. But we also know from experience that the shipping business is cyclical in nature and that every downturn precedes a gradual recovery eventually resulting in a boom.

AB Crewing is prepared to take on the challenges posed by this downturn and use it for the advantage of clients. We are constantly looking out for opportunities emerging from the crisis where we can get our clients in on the ground level. This not only has an obvious cost advantage, but also benefits from a manpower, newbuilding and skills point of view. Outsourcing of services in shipping covers a wide range of activities, primarily focused on technical and crewing management. But as shipping companies become more diversified, they are drawing on our deep and extensive resources for practically every aspect of maritime operations.

Two of these emerging areas of expertise are ship management and technical outsourcing. We plan to direct a considerable amount of our resources in these directions in the coming years because we know we have some obvious advantages over our competition in these areas. Needless to say, these projects will benefit not only from our experience and expertise but also from our guarantee of quality and client satisfaction.