Recruitment process

AB Crewing is expanding and needs qualified seafarers and marine technicians for all available positions. The personnel, both on-board and on shore, must share common values of dedication and diligence towards maritime safety and safe working practices.

As a matter of policy, we do not advertise available positions on our company website. However, we do encourage seafarers interested in getting employed through us to submit their application through our website. You may also visit the website for available jobs by clickinghere.

To apply, please submit your application electronically or through fax, using our application forms. If you wish to send in your resume, please limit it to three pages or less. Note: Keep your attachments to a minimum and please do not send in scanned copies of certificates or documents unless we ask for it.

We cannot guarantee employment. However we will keep you on our database and inform you of openings until you ask us not to do so. If you re-apply after having been interviewed, please inform us that you have visited us before.

We receive a large number of resumes and applications each week. While we would like to acknowledge each and every one of them, it is an impossible task. Under normal circumstances, we will contact you within 5-6 weeks of receiving your application or resume. However, it may take us longer than that to get in touch you after some time when opportunity arises.

Download our cadet recruitment brochure here.

For further information, click here