Personnel documentation

Creating and implementing a human resources solution that provides efficient crew management capabilities, tracks staff growth in terms of training and skills, and promotes crew retention can be an overwhelming job. As shipping capacity grows in size or diversifies in capability, so does the volume and nature of crewing requirements. Crew managers are then faced with the complex task of updating, synchronizing and tracking all seafarer data. At the same time, ship management companies are continuously faced with the challenge of minimizing administrative costs while improving their employee output.

For strategic planning, cost control and quick decision making, shipping companies need a centralized HR system with all the necessary recruitment and crew placement tools in place to track crew location and activities. AB Crewing provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to this challenge. We use state-of-the-art crewing software and IT solutions that address these issues on a day-to-day basis. Our personnel documentation process and systems are targeted at vessel operators of all sizes, providing them with an effective means to manage new career development. We are in the business of ensuring that everyone involved in HR planning and scheduling can work on the same data simultaneously, reducing administrative burden and providing connectedness for all user groups, whether these are ship owners, crewing agents, seafarers, medical personnel or training centers.

We have a well integrated IT system that integrates a wide range of crew related and manning data on a single platform and make it possible for easy access and transmission. This helps vessel management track crew safety records, make informed decisions when selecting manning, and identify crew training needs. It also resolves new manning requirements based on skills and experience in a relatively short time.