Training & skill development

Under the International Safety Management Code 2002, all vessel owners are required to ensure that each ship is manned with qualified, certificated and medically fit seafarers in accordance with national and international requirements. Owners and ship managers must ensure not only proper procedures in the selection of sea-going personnel but also demonstrate that these personnel are frequently monitored on their individual training needs. It is necessary to evaluate whether each crew member has undergone advanced level training in the necessary areas prior to joining vessels. Here at AB Crewing, we carry out extensive checks on individual crew training certificates for validation. All our crewing selectees are required to conform to the STCW and industry-required training courses unless the owners require specific additional upgrade courses.

To conform to this requirement, ship owners are investing huge amounts of money to set up different types of training facilities. At AB Crewing, we have a fully equipped on-site training facility with access to a large pool of highly qualified trainers and instructors to ensure proper training of sea-going personnel. We are able to ensure that ship owners are receiving the best training for their personnel and the training program conforms to the internationally recognized standards. Individual crew members are checked for the validity of the certificates they have and are required to undergo retraining courses if necessary.

Each candidate, recruit or ex-crew is evaluated on previous qualifications and experience, and then placed in a training group for the necessary skill upgrade. On completion of training, we issue a Certificate of Training so that the candidate can be processed for his next engagement. If the officer or crew has not taken the required courses, they are re-scheduled for training at the earliest available opportunity. Training expenses are borne by either the contracting ship owner or AB Crewing or shared between different stakeholders depending on the nature of the course but our company policy requires all sea-going personnel under our banner to conform to the necessary qualifications.