Ship management

Successful ship management depends on competence, systems, crew, staff and the right blend of knowledge and experience. We achieve this in a cost effective and efficient manner by providing ship management services of international standards for our clients. The AB Crewing group can provide third party ship management and integrated maritime services for a wide range of vessels. Our fleet management capabilities are geared to providing personalized service to our clients in their own geography. Our technical, manning and regulatory expertise gives us an edge over our regional competitors in ship management operations. We work with a large pool of maritime experts in providing day-to-day operations and technical consultancy on practically every area of vessel operation.

Each segment of our operation is overseen by experts and professionals with many years of hands-on experience in their respective fields. Furthermore, many of our technical administrative team members have been licensed mariners. Our policies and procedures in every facet of our management system are based on recognized ISO and ISM standards to ensure regulatory compliance. It is our company’s mission and policy to provide our clients with ship management services that conform to the highest standards of quality, safety, environmentally safe and cost-effective operations.

AB Crewing’s dedication to stringent quality management systems, industry foresight and professional integrity brings long term financial benefits to its clients. Our future goal is to become a total ship management company which operates in every sector of the maritime industry, while providing best in class, innovative and profitable ship management solutions for clients across the world.